Will You Brave These Vast Lands, and Build Your Legacy?

The Ultimate 4x Fantasy Board Game Experience

1-6 Players     45 minutes per player   Ages 10+      

 Solo Mode | Head-to-Head | Partial Co-op | Full Co-Op| Competitive Teams | FFA

Choose Your Royal Champion

“You are a young noble.  Exiled from your ancestral kingdom, you find yourself in a lawless new land, which the locals have sardonically named, “Ascendancy”.  Allegedly a once great realm during centuries past, you find it with no clear ruler.  In fact, your new home appears to be loosely controlled by savage warlords, lowborn tricksters, and terrifying abominations.  Circumscribed to this wild new frontier, it’s up to you to create a new family.  Seize power.  And establish a new dynasty that will endure for the next 1000 years.”

Choose from 1 of 6 asymmetrical color factions.  Each Royal House comes with unique strengths & weaknesses.

Inherit Traits, Vices & Virtues

Your personality quirks are assigned randomly at birth, and passed onto your heirs.  But, you may redeem yourself through completing quests, and you’ll have the chance to turn your Vices into Virtues.  

Survive Your Extended Family​

The strength & size of your Royal Family represents your rise to power, and ensuing legacy.

Will your family be generous and kind, or cruel and unusual?


Explore The World of Ascendancy

Journey a classic hex based World Map.

Draw 2, Place 1 Location.  No two games will ever be the same.

Area Control Over Your Dominion

18 unique Locations to control.  Each offers a unique Skill Check when you visit it.

CONQUER a Location, and you may Ascend a Loyalist as its ruling LORD/LADY

Develop Your Estate

Each Building you complete has 3 possible Tiers of power.  Diversify into many different types, or go deep into 1 or 2.

Additionally, each Building you unlock become a new shared Action space.

Opponents can use those too!  After paying your fee…

Interesting Decisions Every Phase of the Turn

Worker placement is at the heart of Ascendancy. 

Each game turn has 4 Phases.  Each Phase has 2 available core Actions, for a simple yet interesting A/B decision point.

Progression Obsession

Every new Action card you unlock is a gateway to additional powers.

polymorph spell


Side View JRPG Style Combat

Fight it out versus diabolically game controlled Creatures, or 100% optional VS other players. 

Place up to 3 Champions at a time, to counter up to 3 enemy units.

Battles resolve quickly, with light dice chucking excitement.

Reap rewards for strategic placement, tactical decision making, and knowing when to push your luck, and when to manage risk.

Ascend Your Champions

Rock Paper Scissors Combat Triangle

Ready to get tactical?

There are 3 basic TYPES of Champions & Creatures. Each TYPE plays an important role in achieving victory:

Finesse TYPES have the fastest INITIATIVE, and can HUNT Magic Types in the back row. At the start of any BATTLE, first mover advantage is huge!

Might TYPES have 1 point of Armour, which lets them survive 1 ATTACK which would normally kill them or an allied unit. Might TYPES are essential for defense!

Magic TYPES ignore Armor when they ATTACK.  Magic TYPES are essential for getting past fortified defenders, and more powerful enemies.


Epic Scenarios with Boss Battles

Unforgettable moments that will have you thinking & talking about them for a long time

Choose Your Own Adventure Style Narrative Campaigns

The decisions you make during your Campaign will effect your storyline.

Cooperative games present group decision points, as well as independent choices, as found when playing in competitive mode.

Eurogame Inspired Economics

Trade whatever you want, whenever you want.  The price of each resource is fully dynamic throughout each campaign, to simulate real world supply and demand. 

Green FOOD in short supply?  Time to get Farming, and make a handsome profit!  

Gear Up

Every ITEM in Ascendancy is dual function.  Use them as a 1 time combat consumable, OR to modify a key SKILL Check roll

Core Gameplay Mechanics

Kingdom Building

Worker Placement

Combat Strategy

Go Wide

Go Tall

Fast Growth

Slow Tech Engine Building

Push Your Luck

Risk Management

Unique Selling Propositions

  • 4x 7x Epic Fantasy Strategy Experience
  • 6 Different Asynchronous Starting Families of Royal Lineage

  • 3 Epic Campaign Scenarios, with Multiple Branching Generations, Marriage Decisions, Legacy Family Traits, and Heirloom Inheritance

  • “Choose Your Own Adventure” Style Narrative Structure, where Decisions Matter.  Will You Rule by Fear, Love, or Respect? Strike the Right Balance to Ensure Loyalty, and Ultimate Victory.

  • Worker Placement, Based on Social Class Hierarchy. Reward Your Loyalists, Exile Your Traitors, or Promote Your Outlaws to Kings.

  • Rock Paper Scissors Combat System, Combining Deep Strategy, and Dice Chucking Excitement

  • 18 Unlockable Champion Class Evolutions, 6 Schools of Elemental Magic, and Creature Summoning

  • 3 Correlated Gameplay Loops, with 6 Ways-to-Win Strategies. Play How YOU Want, Including

    • Go Wide or Go Tall, Kingdom Building Tile Placement

    • Grow Fast or Out Tech, Engine Building

    • Push Your Luck or Minimize Risk, Encounter Resolution

  • Hundreds of convention floor & in-person playtests completed.  Great balance!

Meet the Designer

Hi, I’m Matthew.  Thanks for checking out my tabletop magnum opus..

The concept itself, was rather simple.  What if I took all the video game and fantasy elements I loved most, and put them all together in 1 epic game?

I’d want the color themes and escalating complexity of Magic the Gathering. 

It would need the epic scope, and political intrigue of Game of Thrones. 

I’d want the interesting decisions, and area control of Civilization. 

How about the side view combat of Final Fantasy?  Evolving towns, like in Heroes of Might & Magic? Or the multi-generation marriage decisions of Phantasy Star III?

After 4 years of development (and several “throw it out and re-do everything” revisions), this dream game is finally going to become a reality.

when you show your game at Gencon, only to be photo bombed by einstein

Coming To Kickstarter! - Q1 of 2023