A medium-heavy 4x tabletop turn-based strategy experience, for 1 – 6 players

Hi, I’m Matthew!  Thanks for checking out my game.

Ascendancy – From Ashes To Empires is the manifestation of an idea for a game I’ve had in my head for at least 20 years.  

The concept was simple.  What if I took all the video game elements I loved most as a kid, and put them all together in 1 epic tabletop board game?

I’d want it to have the interesting decisions and area control of Civilization.  How about the color themes and escalating complexity of Magic the Gathering?  Why not the elemental counters and job system of Final Fantasy?  Let’s not forget the themed city building of Might & Magic.  And finally, what about the branching class evolutions & permadeath of Fire Emblem?

After years of design, and now thanks to Kickstarter, the dream game is about to become a reality.

When you show your game at Gencon, only to be photo bombed by Einstein
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Side view JRPG style combat

Place up to 6 Champions per Battle, to fight it out versus game controlled Creatures, or enemy Players.  Armour up your front row tanks, while protecting your back row magic users to strike from afar.

Rock Paper Scissors Class types

Ready to get tactical?

There are 3 basic TYPES of Champions & Creatures. Each TYPE plays an important role in achieving victory:

Finesse TYPES have the fastest INITIATIVE. At the start of any BATTLE, first mover advantage is huge!

Might TYPES have 1 point of Armour, which lets them survive 1 ATTACK which would normally kill them or an allied unit. Might TYPES are essential for defense!

Magic TYPES ignore Armor when they ATTACK. can always TARGET the oft defended Back Row,Magic TYPES are essential for getting past fortified defenders, and more powerful enemies.

Area Control Over Your Dominion

30 unique Properties to control.  Each one granting a special ability, and unlocking more Champion evolutions.

Choose to specialize in 1 color, splash a support, or go for some of all 6 for maximum versatility.

Interesting Decisions Every Phase of the Turn

Each turn has 6 phases, based on your 6 Estate building Types.  Every one of your Estate buildings can be upgraded, to gain new Actions, or power up.

Royal Family Members

The strength & size of your Royal Family represents your rise to power, and ensuing legacy.

Will your family be generous and kind, or cruel and unusual?

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